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At Pixel & Paper Designs, our primary focus is built right into our name. Design, be it for electronic or print distribution. But lest we be accused of oversimplification (not something that happens often!), we go into lots more detail in this section about what that means and why you want to hire us to create your designs. And though it’s not in our name directly, we also focus a great deal on education, be it through speaking to groups about technology and social media. or via one-on-one training on the computer.

Web – Websites, Blogs, Social Media, even information about selecting a domain name. If you want a website or want a better website or want to go beyond a website, this section outlines the ways that we can help you do that.

Print – From branding to business cards to brochures, banners, billboards and print materials that start with letters other than ‘b’, we can help you put your best paper foot forward.

Email – We use it every day, yet marketing via email can be full of land mines. Or spam mines. Find out how we can keep you legal and help you send out emails people want to receive.

Education – Whether you need a speaker for your networking group or want to learn how to keep up with your family on Facebook, we have an educational topic and format to suit you.


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