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We love bread. A fresh loaf of bread is heaven on your plate. But bread making has this mystique attached to it, even its own language. Proofing, sponge, starter, rising, baguette, etc. Bread can be made from multiple kinds of flour; even yeast comes in instant, fresh, active dry, and bread machine varieties. But really, it’s not that hard to make bread at home, with a little patience and training. You don’t have to know all the terminology, you don’t have to have a lot of fancy equipment. Learn a few basics and you’re good to go. As you improve your skills, you can try more advanced recipes. The same goes for computers and the Internet.

Technology is as simple or complex as you’re ready to make it

We love to help others understand technology, whether it’s with one person at a computer, or speaking to a group. To that end, we offer presentations and one-on-one training on a variety of topics related to the web, social media, email, Google, Windows, and more. Check out our offerings on the following pages:

Educational Topics – An overview and summaries of the seminars and talks that we currently present. Let us teach your networking group how to tweet!

Educational Training – Don’t like crowds? Need some one-on-one teaching? We offer training in a variety of computer-related subjects to help you impress your friends and become a technogeek – or at least know how to check your email.

Educational Price Sheet – Mostly, we speak to groups for free. To get our undivided attention, you have to pay for it.



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