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Ahh, sushi. Perfect little packages, like gifts waiting to be opened by your mouth. Possible to make at home, but you really need special equipment, the right kind of rice, a trustworthy seafood source, and a lot of time. And what if you get ahold of some bad fish? You can really make people sick.

Much like email design. (No, really. Just stick with us for a minute here.)

Bad emails can really hurt your business

People are inundated with emails nowadays. Specifically, spam. Few things can turn otherwise nice people into spitting mad, fist-waving crazy folks as when you ask them about spam. Think about it: Do you want them to have this reaction when talking about your company? Then don’t spam them. Don’t sign them up for your mailing list without their permission. Don’t send them emails pitching your products or services in big, loud fonts and colors. Don’t send them huge attachments that take forever to download. Comply with the regulations of the CAN SPAM ACT of 2003. Send them useful information that will make their lives easier or better. Not sure how to do all this? Too much effort? (Here it comes…) That’s where we come in!

Email Marketing – Whether you want to do a newsletter, one shot emails for sales and events, or a combination of the two, we can help you get started, or take care of it for you. While keeping you legal and spammer-label free.

Email Marketing Price Sheet – So what does it cost to get an email campaign up and running? Well, it’s not free. But we think we’re pretty reasonable, and worth every penny. Why pay a professional design firm when you already know how to send and receive emails? Different rules apply here. Sending mass emails without knowledge of spam laws and ISP regulations can get you into serious trouble. Have you ever been blacklisted by an Internet Service Provider? Do you want to stay off their blacklists? Then call us at 864.848.0848 today!




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