Email Marketing – Safe yet tasty

Pixel & Paper Designs offers two types of email marketing: Newsletters and Blasts.

Newsletters are sent to your customers on a regular basis. They contain product or service info, yes, but also short articles related to your business (written by you or someone else), how-tos, recipes, or a personal glimpse into you or your company. Newsletters are meant to inform, not just sell. Email newsletters are a great way to share your knowledge with customers (and potential customers) while putting your name in front of them on a regular basis. While newsletters can and do contain product or service info, they are primarily meant to inform, not just sell.

Email Blasts, also called one-shots, are advertisements, sale notices, new product announcements, etc. They’re generally short, focused on one subject, and distributed at random intervals. Do you have a special event coming up that you want to advertise to your customers? A sale or limited time offer? Then send an email blast. Also called one-shots, emails blasts are advertisements, sale notices, new product announcements, and the like. They are (or should be) short and to the point.

The best email marketing program uses a combination of these types – a newsletter to keep in touch with customers on a regular basis and add value to that communication, and blasts that keep clients informed of great deals or new events happening at your business.

What do you get when you hire us to do email marketing for your business?

  • A custom email design that incorporates your company’s logo and style. If you have a website, we can coordinate the email design to your website’s design.
  • An email that looks good and gets your message across even if images are blocked (as they often are by default).
  • An email that displays properly in most major email programs.
  • Proper grammar and no spelling errors.
  • Through our partnership with Constant Contact, a powerful, versatile email management program.

Why hire us to create emails when you send and receive email every day in your business? As we say in other places on this website, different rules apply when you send emails to multiple people. We’re here to help make sure your business follows the law and doesn’t get blacklisted as a spammer. We design and code your email so that it has the best chance to reach everyone on your mailing list (unfortunately, no one can guarantee 100% deliverability).

We have several email marketing options to suit your time and budget. We can get you set up in Constant Contact with one of their templates customized with your logo and company colors, and you take over from there for content and distribution of each issue. Or we can design a completely custom email from the ground up, import it into Constant Contact, and distribute it for you. Just provide the content, and we handle everything else from there.



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