Email Pricing – How much do you want to be in the kitchen?

Because we’ve partnered with Constant Contact, we can offer several options in our Email Marketing Services, primarily based around how active you want to be in the design and distribution of your company’s emails.

Full service design and distribution:

  • Completely customized email template (not editable by client without web design software) – $250
  • Per issue (email), either newsletter or one-shot – $125 (client provides content, we edit, format and import that content into Constant Contact, then test, and distribute email)

Modified Constant Contact template – $150 (we customize an existing Constant Contact template with your logo and company colors, then you can send out emails yourself or hire us at our per issue price of $125)

Constant Contact Setup fee – $75 (includes creating account, importing your mailing list, customizing subscribe/unsubscribe emails, and placing a signup link on your website)

Constant Contact monthly fee also required, price varies by number of subscribers (starts at $15 per month)

If you want to just pay the monthly fee to Constant Contact, you can create your own account and get started today! Otherwise, please give us a holler and we’ll get the ball rolling on an email campaign for your business.



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