Print Design – Is it spaghetti or is it art?

It’s not enough to have a great company that does good work. You need a professional identity, a brand, that people can recognize and come to love. You need a way to tell people about your business, and a way for them to pass the word along to others. You need a logo that reflects the awesomeness that is your company; marketing materials that think outside the box, heck, materials that redefine the box. Hmm, I wonder if we can help you with that?

Coke wouldn’t be Coke if it was Pepsi

Almost every successful business has great branding and print collateral behind it. (We say almost, because our roofer is very good and very busy, yet we’re lucky if he has a business card on him sometimes. Contractors seem to be the worst offenders. Don’t use them as examples.) Large corporations are sticklers about their brand: how their logo is used, the colors associated with it, even the size of it in relation to other elements on the page. To be honest, they can take it a little too far, but small businesses could learn a lesson from them in the importance of having a great logo used consistently across all media, not to mention having great media.

To that end, visit the following pages to get more info on our great logos and great media:

Logo Design and Branding – The first stop for every business. If you don’t have a logo, do you really have a business? (If a tree falls in the woods…)

Brand Refinement – You have a logo, but not a polished and scaleable one. Or you have a different logo on your business card than on your website than on your t-shirts.

Printed Marketing Materials – Business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. – everything but the kitchen sink. Though if it was appropriate, we could probably design one of those, too.

Print Price Sheet – Alas, good design isn’t free. It’s worth a million bucks. Thankfully we don’t charge that much. (Well, thankfully for you. We wouldn’t argue with a million bucks. No Sir Ree Bob.)



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