Brand Refinement – When your main course isn’t quite perfect

So let’s say you have a logo for your business. Do you have one polished design that you use across everything? Do you have your logo in the right file types for different purposes? Often, clients who come to us to for postcards, brochures, or other print materials only have a low resolution logo, suitable for a website but not much else. Put it on a postcard and it’s fuzzy or blurry. Or they have four or five slightly different versions of the logo – one on their business card, a slightly different one on their price sheets, another on their existing website. In some cases even the business name is different on each logo. Customers can’t learn to recognize your logo if it’s different every time. A fuzzy logo implies you don’t take your business seriously, so why should potential customers take you seriously?

A Company’s Brand Should Be Consistent and Scalable

If either of these situations sounds like your business, we can help! Most times, we can take your existing logo and recreate it so it’s scalable to any size without degradation. After all, you can’t feed a hundred people with a single cupcake. As cake must scale to the number of diners, your logo must scale from a business card to a banner.

If you have multiple versions of your logo, we can sit down with you, decide which elements keep and discard, and then create a new logo that incorporates just the elements you want to stay.

In either case, as with our logo design, you get a style guide describing the colors and fonts in your logo, as well as a disc with your new logo in multiple formats and sizes. You keep your company’s original identity, but now it’s more versatile and polished. What could be better?



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