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For most businesses, a professionally designed logo is the first place they should start and one of the best investments they can make in their company. You need a logo that works in full color, one color, black and white, at business card size, billboard size, and everywhere in between. It should be distinctive, memorable, and say something about your business. Clip art in a document doesn’t cut it. (Please don’t go that route. If you don’t hire us, hire someone.)

Are you chicken & dumplings or coq au vin?

When we sit down with you to discuss a logo, we’re going to ask a lot of questions. Some of them you may not know the answer to. Sure, we’ll ask about products, services, and the like, but also about your company’s culture, mission, beliefs, and history. What emotion or idea would you like your logo to convey? What do you want it to say about you?

Once we have moods and goals in mind, we’ll go back to our drawing board and start doodling. We’ll develop between 8 and 10 rough concepts for your logo. After review and discussion, we’ll refine those concepts into 3 or 4 more polished designs. After one more review, we’ll present the finished logo. (Further changes, revisions, or additions from that point will result in extra charges, sorry.) Once the logo is finalized, you’ll receive a written and electronic style guide listing the colors and fonts used in the logo, as well as a disc containing multiple versions of the logo for web and print applications. (The style guide also explains what all those file types are and when you want to use each.) You’ll end up with a polished, professional logo that shows your business means business.



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