Pixel & Paper’s Web Services – Wanna cookie?

There is nothing in the world that compares to a from-scratch, fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Store bought cookies, even bakery ones, just can’t compete. Our web offerings are like that homemade cookie – incomparable and made just for you. Want milk chocolate instead of semisweet? Nuts? A little whole wheat flour for a semblance of healthiness? Done.

Hungry yet?

By the same token, we can pick and choose from our variety of web services to create the best solution for you. Have a website but want a better one? Want better search engine results? Happy with your website but want to increase your brand’s exposure in social media? Done.

Get more information on any of our web services by visiting the links below or to the right. Then contact us and let’s create the perfect chocolate chip cookie for you! (Not even sure what you need or how to get started? Just call or email us and we can walk you through it, step by step and in plain English. Neat, huh?)

Our Web Services – The Best Cookies Ever!

Web Design – The starting point if you don’t already have a website for your business. We work with you to develop a site that works with and for your business.

Web Usability Reviews – If you have a website but feel it could be better if you did…something to it, then ask for a Usability Review. We go over your site and present you with an actionable report on how to make it work better for you.

Blog Design – Share your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm with people around the world through a blog. We’ll show you how and help you get started.

Social Media – Everyone’s talking about Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, Youtube and more. Don’t know what they’re saying? Want to join the conversation? We can help you figure out the best social media venues for your business, create social media accounts that reflect your company’s look and culture, and develop a plan for you to continue the conversation.

Copywriting for the Web – Have a lot of text on your site that doesn’t really say anything? Want copy that engages and entertains? Let us take a crack at it!

Search Engine Optimization – If you have a website but aren’t showing up on Google, then our SEO services may be able to help. We can’t promise the number one listing (indeed, a company that does promise that is lying to you) but most times we can improve your rankings.

Domain Name Registration – It’s all about the name. Do you have yours yet? We can help you brainstorm ideas for a memorable domain name and register it for you if need be.

Web Hosting – A website doesn’t do you much good without a way for people on the web to get to it. That’s where hosting comes in.

Prices for Web Services – To everything, there is a cost. Are we worth it? You betcha.



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