Copywriting for the Web – Your ingredients, our cooking

So you have a blog. You have a website. You have one of these Facebook Fan Page thingies. But your copy is as drab and uninteresting as cauliflower. Good for us, yes, but almost impossible to make people consume voluntarily. What to do? Why, call us of course!

A little spice is so nice

We can go over your website with you, and discuss what content to revise. We’ll write new copy that’s engaging and approachable. Not a lot of marketing fluff that doesn’t really say anything. We believe web users are too savvy to go for that stuff nowadays. ("We believe in the synergistic combination of our dynamic thought leadership and your business needs" – Who really talks like that?) Instead, we focus on real information presented in a down-to-earth way, while still encouraging the user to take action.

Copy that will inform, entertain, and create a response. Isn’t that a novelty?

Speaking of taking action, don’t you want to call us today? (864.848.0848, in case you forgot.)



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