Prices for Web Services – Unfortunately, there’s no free lunch. Or cookies.

There are web designers on every corner, and thousands of them on the Internet. We’re not the most expensive, but we’re not the cheapest, either. You can get a hundred page website for $100, but Pixel & Paper Designs won’t be creating it.

We believe you get what you pay for, and something done cheap doesn’t mean it’s done right.

If you like our portfolio and design sense, trust in our knowledge and experience, and think we’ll be great for your business, then hire us.

If you like us but we’re not in your budget, we may be able to chunk your project into affordable pieces that we can tackle one at a time. You never know until you call us!

  • We work exclusively in WordPress for our websites now. Prices start at under $1000 for a small (<5 pages) WordPress website using an existing WordPress theme (free or premium) with minimal customization. Fully customized themes start at $2500 and up.
  • Blog designs and options are similar to our website rates, but generally a little cheaper as we set up an About page and handful of posts, and let you do the rest.
  • Website Audits are charged at our hourly rate of $75.00, with a 3 hour minimum.
  • SEO services are also charged at our hourly rate of $75.00, with a 1 hour minimum.
  • Copywriting for the web is $75.00 per hour, with a 1 hour minimum.
  • Social Media plan and implementation prices vary based on complexity and number of social media sites involved. Estimate $400.00 to $600.00 for each site involved.
  • Our domain registration prices are $25.00 for the first year, $10.00 for each additional year.
  • Web hosting varies by plan, but starts at $120.00 a year, exclusively for our web design clients.
  • We strongly encourage our WordPress clients to hire us on an ongoing basis to keep their WordPress site, theme, and plugins updated. For $25/month, we will maintain regular backups of your site, monitor the security of your site, and apply software updates as they become available. Should your site be hacked or otherwise compromised, we will fix it free of charge. (This fee does not include making content changes to your site, it is strictly for security and software updates.)

These prices are rough guides that give you a ballpark estimate. For most web projects, it’s difficult to give more than our hourly rate because each project can vary so widely. Contact us at 864.848.0848 and we’ll be happy to draw up a complete estimate and payment plan specifically for your needs.




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