Search Engine Optimization – An Essential Ingredient

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of creating or editing a website so that it ranks well in search engines for certain keywords. A site can be optimized in a number of ways: revised content, more descriptive page titles, revamped metadata, cleaner HTML code, etc. When we create a new website or blog for a client, we already incorporate SEO into the process – it’s not an "add-on" that we tack on for an extra charge. (We’re all about doing it right the first time, and a new website should be optimized from the get-go.) But if you have an existing site that isn’t ranking on search engines, we can optimize it to improve your results.

How does this differ from our Website Usability Reviews? Well, our SEO service is one component of a full review. Think of SEO as the appetizer in a three course meal. But if your site is in pretty good shape, the appetizer may be filling enough.

SEO is like salt – vital, but too much is overkill

A caveat: We do not offer search engine placement and positioning services, a process by which web pages are updated or "tinkered with" daily or weekly in order to influence search engine ranking. Yes, you should be adding new content on a regular basis, but we’ve seen companies change navigation text to reflect a hot keyword, only to change it to something else a few days later when other keywords surface. While we optimize our websites for particular keywords or phrases during our design and launch, and anytime future content is added, we feel that continuous search engine optimization is not in the best interest of our clients or their customers. (How can you remember what web page had the information you needed if the name is different every time you visit?)

The money and time spent on continuous optimization would be better used in other ways, such as adding new content, social networking, or local advertising. A company could spend thousands of dollars a year on search engine optimization while overlooking other activities with a greater potential ROI. That said, if your website isn’t optimized at all, a few simple tweaks could make a dramatic difference in your results. Contact us for a quote today!




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