Web Design – Recipes tailored to you

When we work with you on a new website, we don’t just present you with a cookie we’ve already baked. First, we sit down with you to talk about your business, your logo and business identity, your existing website (if you have one), what you’d like your new website to do, and of course your budget. Are you a chocolate chip cookie type of business or a snickerdoodle?  Then we give you options that meet your needs and then some.

Do you want a simple site that’s up and running quickly for not a lot of money? We can set up a WordPress site with one of the thousands of free or premium themes out there, customize it with your logo and colors, train you how to update it, and you’re off and running in a few weeks.

Want a fully-customized-to-your-business site with all the bells and whistles? We can do that, too. We can also integrate a blog with your company website, and training on the WordPress dashboard is included in the project price.

Quality ingredients

But we do more than simply give you a great design. Just like a cookie has to taste as good as it looks, a fantastic-looking website can only take you so far. Look at your current website (or another website of your choice) and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it usable?
  • Can customers find the information they want quickly and easily?
  • Does the text flow and make sense?
  • Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes?
  • Does the site load quickly?
  • Can search engines easily read and index your site?
  • Is the code well written and streamlined?
  • Is the design professional-looking and appealing?

If you can answer yes to all the questions (except the spelling one, obviously) for your company website, then congratulations! You don’t need our services. If you answered no to any of these questions (or yes to spelling mistakes) give us a call at 864.848.0848 to see how we can help.

Are you mostly happy with your site but wonder how it could be improved? Ask us for a website audit.



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