Web Hosting – The plate on which websites are served

Website completed? Check. Domain name registered? Check. Now you need a hosting account. Just as you use an ISP like AT&T or Charter to access the Internet, your website needs a HSP so people can access it on the Internet. A hosting account generally comes with services such as email, web statistics, and other nifty features. While you certainly don’t have to host with Pixel & Paper Designs, many of our clients love the convenience of having one point of contact for everything associated with their website, including hosting. And our hosting is only available to our web design clients.

Our hosting packages include the following:

  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Mailing list capability (subject to spamming restrictions)
  • Multiple site statistics programs
  • Web Mail
  • Database support

In addition, you get to call us when you have a problem, rather than an anonymous 800 number. Our prices are comparable to many hosting providers. We’re happy to provide detailed information on our packages and rates when we meet to discuss your website.

Please note: We offer hosting as a convenience for our web design clients. To maintain our focus on giving our clients the best possible service, we do not offer hosting to the general public.



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