The Chefs of Pixel & Paper Designs

Stephanie Hobbs, Creative Genius

Stephanie, as her title says, is the Creative Genius behind Pixel & Paper Designs. Depending on the day, she’s the designer, programmer, social media strategist, editor, writer, researcher, collaborator, and (the only title she’s not fond of) accountant. She founded Pixel & Paper Designs in 2003 because of her passion for all aspects of design – she didn’t want to work for someone else and limit herself to one job title. She refuses to wear the title of salesperson, though, so she will not "sell" you a website. She’d much rather use her enthusiasm for what she does to convince you that Pixel & Paper Designs is the best choice for your needs. If you don’t pick up on her enthusiasm within a few minutes of meeting her, it might be allergy season (it’s hard to be passionate when you can’t breathe). If you see her enthusiasm and she verges on annoying, we’re sorry, but she can’t help herself.

Stephanie has a Master’s Degree in Professional Communications (MAPC) from Clemson University, so she has a very strong background in writing, design theory, rhetoric, web design, and teaching. During graduate school, she spent a year in the Usability Testing Facility (UTF) at Clemson, conducting website usability tests on behalf of a Fortune 500 company. "It’s eye-opening to see people try to navigate poorly-designed websites, and that sticks with you." Because of her time spent in the UTF, Stephanie, and by extension Pixel & Paper Designs, is known for clean, usable design.

In case the design of this site didn’t clue you in, Stephanie is also passionate about food and cooking. Creating a meal is much like creating a design, in her mind. She’d be a chef for a living, but sitting at a computer is easier work than standing in a hot kitchen. But if you’re into cooking, be sure to check out her side project,

Other factoids of note:

  • She’s a huge Carolina Panthers fan. She even made a Panthers Christmas tree, complete with a Sir Purr angel on top.
  • She loves decorating for Christmas. Be prepared if you come over to be surrounded by theme trees, Panthers tree included.
  • She likes salad with her tomatoes. They are nature’s perfect food, especially summer tomatoes. And local produce from local farmers always tastes the best.
  • Her mantra is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but she’s better at recycling than the first two. Working on it, though.
  • She can live for a week on a good design. But her happy dance is a little pathetic.
  • There’s nothing more fun to her than gaming with friends, be they video games or board games. Certain versions of Trivial Pursuit are banned from play, however. Other people would like a chance to win.

Landon Hobbs, Database Consultant

Chemist-cum-Developer, Landon is the structured half of Pixel & Paper Designs. He writes codes for fun, thinks in IF, THEN loops and enjoys making clients wonder "How’d he do that?" With over 12 years of experience in the computer industry as a database specialist and developer, he specializes in Microsoft SQL Server, Crystal Reports, ColdFusion, & Flex. And a lot of other boring tech-y stuff.

Landon has a BS in Chemistry from Clemson University, but had the unfortunate luck to graduate during a "chemistry recession". After building a database for a chemical company and learning he was paid less than the computer guys, Landon decided to "try this computer thing" instead. And he’s never looked back. His focus at Pixel & Paper Designs is developing custom databases, creating spreadsheets, designing web applications, maintaining blog security, whatever the day requires.

When he’s not programming or debugging, Landon enjoys getting smacked down on Xbox Live (don’t get him started talking about Halo), laughing at Craig Ferguson, reading a comic book or two (don’t get him started on Iron Man), thinking about writing that book he never writes, and telling bad jokes (don’t get him started – period). Then he does dishes. When you enjoy that cookie that Steph made for you, remember that he’s the one cleaning the bowl they were mixed in.




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