Pixel & Paper Designs finally launches new website for themselves!

Pixel & Paper Designs finally launches new website!

As a designer, it’s oh so easy to ignore my own website and marketing materials in favor of paying work for clients. I launched my first website for Pixel & Paper Designs in 2003…and never finished it. It was anything but a showpiece of my skills, but as I primarily get clients via word-of-mouth, it just wasn’t a priority. I monkeyed around with a redesign in 2006, and again in 2008, but never came up with a design I liked. And then I’d get busy and it would fall by the wayside.

When the recession hit and business slowed in 2009, I finally decided that enough was enough, and took advantage of that time to focus on my website again. But what look to go with? So many web company sites are too modern, technology-focused, or abstract for my tastes. Somewhere in the process, inspiration struck: Why not combine my love of cooking with my love of design? Thus began my odyssey to associate chocolate chip cookies to web design, email marketing to sushi, and so on.

With the design working, it was time to turn to structure. I decided to create the new site in WordPress, both for ease of updating and as proof of concept for how you can create a site using a blog engine without the majority of the site looking like a blog. Landon and his programming skills were invaluable for that, though we had some rough patches during development since he speaks programmer and I speak designer. The two languages don’t always coincide!

Unfortunately, by the time we had the structure in hand and the framework of the site in place, and I’d made a good start on the content, business picked up. Yet again, it was too easy to put the site on the back burner. So it languished for a few more months, until some close friends started to bug me about it (it’s all about making yourself accountable to someone, if you can’t be accountable to yourself).

We’re still busy with clients today, but finally made it a priority to get the mostly complete site launched, 9 months after we started. (Guess it’s like birthing a child, and takes just as long!) We’re very pleased with the result, though we’ve still got some work to do on the Resources and Portfolio sections. We hope you enjoy it, and get some useful info out of it. If you see something we botched in our haste, or want to know more about a particular topic, please contact us. We’d love to hear your thoughts!