Pixel & Paper Designs creates logo and brochure for Heath’s Haven

Brochure and Logo for Heath’s Haven

Heath's Haven logo

Heath's Haven brochure

Heath’s Haven is a relatively new nonprofit in Pickens County, SC, a program initiative under The Parenting Place, Prevent Child Abuse Pickens County. As a new nonprofit, they needed an identity. The founder of Heath’s Haven was already using a toolbox motif in her workshops and felt that idea was a key principle in the nonprofit’s mission. So we designed the new logo around a simple, graphic toolbox and made “Equipping Ourselves for Healthy Relationships” the tagline. One of the fonts in the logo is the same as in The Parenting Place logo, so it related back to the parent organization.

Heath’s Haven also needed a brochure that served multiple purposes: 1. Explain what Heath’s Haven is – what the program does and how it started; 2. Provide information on how to sign up for classes and workshops; 3. Encourage churches, schools and other organizations to sponsor workshops; and 4. Solicit donations of money and meeting space. We answered the first requirement in two parts – with a panel devoted to Heath Fields, the nonprofit’s namesake, and another panel giving an overview of the types of classes and workshops Heath’s Haven offers. For requirements 2-4, we devoted two inside panels to the concepts Participate, Donate, Advocate to address the three needs of the organization. These concepts can be carried across other print and electronic materials for the three audiences that Heath’s Haven needs to address, now and in the future.